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Yakiniku restaurant Kanechan in Shinkawa

Enjoy our carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef at Yakiniku Kanechan in a private room in Sapporo.

Please use the official app “Yakiniku Kane-chan” where you can collect points every time you visit!



□Point service

Every time Yakiniku Kane-chan (Yakiniku Kane-chan) visits, you will earn Yakiniku Kane-chan (Yakiniku Kane-chan) visit points!

The accumulated points can be used for 100 points = 100 yen.

□Member rank

Rank up according to the points you earn!


We plan to distribute limited time and special service coupons!

When new coupons are distributed, we will send you information via push notification.

In addition, we plan to deliver the latest information and other valuable information from time to time.

looking forward to!

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