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貨櫃愛消除 info

A very novel storage, organization and elimination game that can bring great fun to players who love elimination, especially match-3 organization and object classification! We have carefully designed hundreds of step-by-step levels, which will definitely make players addicted to eliminating shelves and become a master of container storage!

How to play:

1. Match 3 identical items on the shelf. If 3 identical items can be found and placed on the same shelf, the group of 3 items can be eliminated! It must be noted that all the items on the previous layer of the shelf must be eliminated or moved before the items on the back row of the shelf will appear and can be clicked.

2. Successfully pass the level: When all items are eliminated, you can successfully pass the level!

3. Use of props: Each level has a time limit. Being good at using props can greatly help your container organization and storage process! There are two main types of props: randomly eliminating a group of items and disrupting the current items. You must use props flexibly to successfully break through the level!

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