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300 Heroes info

Embark on a strategic journey in ‘300 Heroes,’ a thrilling tower defense game that blends tactical prowess with base defense strategies.

As a commander leading a 300-men army, your mission is to liberate states, one by one, from ruthless enemies. Battle through the country, defending your base while launching attacks on enemy strongholds to thwart the invasion and halt the menacing Xerxes from ravaging your land.

Engage in intense spear tactics, utilizing a variety of turrets to counter the strength and weaknesses of unique countryball enemies. Let the prowess of your 300 best soldiers draw the defense line, showcasing their 3D angle fight skills and unwavering courage to save Sparta from invaders.

With a compelling storyline and challenging gameplay, ‘300 Heroes’ is a must-play for tower defense and strategy enthusiasts. Conquer towers, states, and emerge victorious in the face of this Persian conquest. Set up your base defenses, employ tactical strategies, and wield the power of turrets to end this war and secure your place as a true god.

Don’t let them conquer the country; reclaim every state with your war tactics and the strategic brilliance of your 300 best soldiers.

Make Sparta free again, just like the exhilarating state io, countryballs, and angle fight 3D games! Are you ready for the ultimate battle of conquest?

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