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ADB Remote for Android Tv info

Transform your Android TV experience with ADB Remote, the ultimate companion app designed to unleash the full potential of your Android TV device. ADB Remote empowers you with advanced control features, turning your smartphone or tablet into a powerful remote control for your Android TV.

Key Features:

Effortless Navigation:

Navigate through your Android TV interface with ease using intuitive touch controls on your mobile device. Swipe, tap, and scroll effortlessly to access your favorite apps and content.

Full Keyboard Control:

Say goodbye to tedious on-screen typing! ADB Remote provides a full keyboard on your mobile device, making text input a breeze. Type, search, and enter passwords seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet.

Quick ADB Connection:

Easily connect to your Android TV using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Set up the connection quickly, and enjoy a seamless remote control experience without any hassles.

One-Touch Shortcuts:

Access your favorite apps and functions instantly with customizable one-touch shortcuts. Streamline your TV navigation and enhance your overall user experience.

Multi-Device Support:

Control multiple Android TV devices with a single app. Switch effortlessly between devices and enjoy the convenience of managing your entire entertainment ecosystem from one place.

Secure Connection:

ADB Remote ensures a secure connection between your mobile device and Android TV, prioritizing the privacy and safety of your interactions.

Project Inspired from: cgutman

Upgrade your Android TV experience today with ADB Remote – the comprehensive remote control solution that brings convenience, flexibility, and innovation to the palm of your hand. Download now and redefine the way you interact with your Android TV!

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