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Adventure RPG 1.0.16 APK cho Android (Mới Nhất)

Replacing the Gacha lucky spin format with opening lucky treasure chests, Chest Mania: Adventure RPG makes the classic adventure role-playing journey easier. Have you ever tried this chance mechanism?

Introduce about Chest Mania: Adventure RPG

Classic adventure RPG that combines gacha gameplay with opening treasure chests!


Chest Mania: Adventure RPG is a game for people who love the role-playing adventure genre with fun chibi anime graphics. Play a game that makes life feel this easy to truly relax and find simple joy.

The fantasy world in Chest Mania: Adventure RPG is seriously infested with monsters. Even the best warriors and knights sent out cannot handle the role of saving the world. It’s time to ask for help from divine luck.

People throughout the kingdom prayed day and night to the gods to listen and bestow blessings on the land. Finally, the sincere prayer was heard. The oracle said, send the best knight in the land deep into the dungeons. There are magical treasure chests sent down from the gods. In it, you will probably find something useful for that knight’s fighting journey. Victory can come to that kingdom in dire tribulation. You are a knight trusted by the people of the whole country. Whether this journey is really better than those who perished before, it all depends on your luck.

The attraction of magic chests

Also a typical form of gacha, but here, the lucky wheel has been replaced with treasure chests. Inside each chest, no one knows what is contained. It could be weapons, equipment, or it could be a new skill about to be unlocked. Or it’s even a new knight character, helping you prolong your monster fighting journey.

It is this unexpected, risky, unpredictable characteristic that makes a game like Chest Mania: Adventure RPG so attractive that you can still enjoy playing it over and over again.

Open the magic chest to save the world

You can start the game with just an ordinary knight. But the key to victory are the chests found in the dungeon. That means the more you venture into dark corners, the more treasure chests you have. Having a chest means having more new items.

They are the key to helping you increase your strength, level up, unlock new skills, and even replace them with new characters. Only this way can we fight the increasingly ferocious monsters in the dungeon.

What’s in the magic chest?

So the way to become stronger in this game is also quite easy. You just need to make an effort to find the treasure chest, touch it and open it, and you will immediately get some things that are right or wrong. But it’s called luck, who knows what interesting things await.

However, it can be certain that, in those countless chests bestowed by the gods, there will be tons of extremely powerful equipment, a variety of destructive weapons and a ridiculous amount of unique skills.

Never-ending battles

Monsters have descended from hell into the human world. They use underground dungeons as gathering points. No one knows the exact number, but when you play Chest Mania: Adventure RPG, you are guaranteed to experience a never-ending series of battles. Everywhere is a dangerous and deadly battlefield, but no less fun.

Don’t worry. Firstly, Chest Mania: Adventure RPG is designed with a witty chibi style, so throughout the game, you will always be full of positive energy. Although fighting is sometimes a bit difficult to think about, it is guaranteed to be fun.

Second, Chest Mania: Adventure RPG has automatic combat support. Players free their hands from boring repetitive operations. Instead, you will use your eyes to enjoy the fighting scenes on the screen. And use your mind to think about how to use the items obtained from the magic chest properly, for the most tactical effectiveness.

You don’t fight alone

In addition, some new companion knight characters will be unlocked in the future. You can also get some giant mounts from the lucky chest. They are good means of transportation and combat support for battles.

In addition, as your experience and reputation score increases, your personal reputation naturally becomes more attractive. Attract many mysterious powers from heaven and earth to help you. They are beautiful angel messengers or cute pets carrying mysterious magic. Together, they will help you fight hard, quickly destroy monsters and bring peace to the world.

Download Chest Mania: Adventure RPG APK for Android

Chest Mania: Adventure RPG is a never-ending game of progress, soaring powers, and awesome companions. This lucky chest game will give you a different perspective on the dynamics of a gacha game combined with automatic combat on mobile.

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