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Welcome to your Ah Ha Moment! Now that you are here, let’s dive into the best at-home workouts designed to help you build your mind, body and muscles! These workouts were created and filmed in a NYC apartment so you can imagine how doable they will be in your space!

As a former dancer turned personal trainer, April understands how the body works, how important it is to move safely, how the right instruction can change how you view and mirror things in your body and how noisy knees can be! The Ah Ha App will teach you things in a language that can be understood by all because it is important that you know exactly what is being worked, how it should feel, and that the mind-muscle connection is the biggest game changer in changing your body. All of the classes are taught the way April wished they were taught when she was starting her fitness journey. April wants you to see that it isn’t all perfection. That the sweat, grind, off-balance, and ugly faces are a part of the process! You will be told when to reach for the heavier weights, when to consider dropping down, when it should feel hard, when to take it easier, and when to take a breather! This brand is not about perfection…It is about being real and authentic.

In the Ah Ha App, you will find a variety of workouts, at a variety of levels, with and without weights, and at varying lengths so that you can find exactly what you need with the time that you have available. All of the workouts are highly effective, so know that you are getting a quality workout with every session.

You will also find educational and inspirational live videos! April has a lot to say when given the platform! She has inspired many to get moving, stay moving, why it is important to build muscle, how we build muscle and more on Instagram. Now you will have even more access to April’s theories and inspirational stories on the Ah Ha App!

There will also be a community chat feature so that you can meet other people who have joined the Ah Ha App for their health journey as well!

Join the Ah Ha App today and explore our classes and community. All subscriptions auto-renew and can be cancelled at any time. Try now with a 7-day free trial!

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