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Radio Akdeniz, which offers folk music and original music to its listeners from the Hatay region, is the most preferred channel in the region! The channel type with a frequency of 89.2 does not fail to give you the opportunity to handle the most attractive environments. At this point, would you like to experience quality moments and follow an important radio channel? This type of channel helps to create attractive environments with its wonderful DJ and programmer staff, thus helping you enjoy a musical feast 24 hours a day. Radio Akdeniz, which gathers hundreds of thousands of people under one roof every day and offers magnificent music and program feasts, raises its bar a little more every day! In order to discover the music genres that impress with their quality and to be included in important concert environments, connect to the channel now and enjoy. It is now possible to create a concert environment related to music genres and enjoy these attractive environments without any problems. Nowadays, many Hatay residents stay away from radio stations because they are not in their own province. In this regard, our website provides you with “web radio” services and gives you the opportunity to follow Radio Akdeniz without any problems 24 hours a day. You can make your choice immediately and have access to the opportunity to attend the most special concerts directly. We have not neglected to keep today’s popular music under one roof for you, our valued listeners.

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