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“Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure in “”Alien Appetite,”” a captivating mobile game that thrusts you into the pilot’s seat of a flying saucer with a relentless hunger for people and houses. Your mission: abduct everything in sight while upgrading your UFO to become the ultimate cosmic collector.

Key Features:

Customizable UFO: Start with a basic saucer and evolve your ship with various upgrades. Enhance your vessel’s appearance and abilities to become an abducting powerhouse.

Challenging Levels: Embark on a journey through diverse environments, from bustling cities to quiet suburbs. Each level presents unique challenges and objectives, testing your abducting skills.

Cosmic Abilities: Unlock a range of quirky alien abilities as you progress. Harness powers like teleportation, tractor beams, and more to improve your abducting efficiency.

Resource Management: Strategically manage the resources you gather to fuel your UFO’s upgrades and activate special abilities. Make wise choices to maximize your Alien Appetite satisfaction.

Leaderboards and Achievements: Compete against other players on global leaderboards and strive to complete numerous in-game achievements, showcasing your insatiable abducting prowess.


In “”Alien Appetite,”” you play as a mischievous alien in control of a UFO with an unquenchable hunger. Your goal is to abduct people, houses, and various objects while navigating through challenging landscapes and outsmarting Earth’s defenses.

Satisfy your Alien Appetite by collecting everything in your path, but be prepared for various obstacles, enemies, and defenders who will do everything in their power to stop your cosmic feast. As you progress, upgrade your UFO’s appearance and capabilities, tailor it to your liking, and become the ultimate abducting champion.

“”Alien Appetite”” is a unique and engaging mobile game that promises hours of exciting gameplay as you feed your flying saucer’s unrelenting hunger while improving your ship’s capabilities. Can you satisfy your Alien Appetite and conquer the cosmos? Download the game today and find out!” 2109

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