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Anipang Blast info


Pre-register Anipang Blast and get rewards!

A full set of Special Items to blast Blocks is ready for just Pre-registration users!

[Official Social Community]

Various pieces of information on games and social media events info can be found in the official community channel.

Visit and join our social media and participate in the events. Don’t miss out the chance to earn rewards!

• Discord:

Tap, Blast, and WIN! Play Puzzle with a simple touch!

Easy and fun Touching Puzzle Game!

🧩Casual Puzzle Game! A Puzzle Game where you can learn in a few sec!🧩

-Easy control for anyone to play with! A Blasting Game that you can enjoy in a short time!

-Touch when there are two or more blocks of the same color!

-Give a slight Tap! BANG! Blast Blocks of the same color!

💣Hit more of the same colored Blocks at a time to get Special Blocks!💣

-Cute-shaped Special Blocks! More powerful special blocks with more of the same color!

-If you combine Special Blocks, you can get stronger Special Effects!

-Get as many Points as you can within a given number of times with your own Special Block Strategy!

💝Puzzle Trip with lovely Ringo and Mocha! Various Puzzle Themes with no time to get tired of!💝

-Oh no! Mocha is hungry! Match Puzzles to help Mocha so she can go to eat cheese!

-Lunch Box is empty! Fill it out by blasting cute Fruit Puzzles including Apple, Watermelon, and Blueberries!

-There’s a terrible mold! Pop the Puzzle and Remove the Mold quickly!

-Blast Puzzle and give Ringo a delicious Canned Snack! Yummy!

🎁Clear Event Levels to get Bonus rewards!🎁

-Help Mocha fishing! I’m the Fishing King!

-Try cooking with your friends at the cozy Bakery! The more you cook, the more you can become a top Ranker!

-Get more Coin Bonuses with special and constantly updated Event Levels!

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