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ARKIS Teacher App info

ARKIS Teacher App is designed to give freedom to teachers from the mundane administrative activities that can now be done instantly, from within the classroom itself. The theme being “Transformation from Administration to Imagination”, the app itself focuses on giving teachers the free time they deserve to explore their imagination in pursuit of reliving the joy of teaching.

Here is some of the awesomeness of DCN Classroom:

– Mark Student Attendance (Class-wise, Subject-wise, Homeroom-wise)

– Late Attendance

– Submit and track leave applications

– Act on student leave applications

– Publish homework

– Publish assignments

– See own timetable

– View own attendance

– View Circulars

– View News

– Read Office Communication

All this is coming directly from Digital Campus Netra that is securely hosted on the cloud.

And this is just the beginning, there’s more coming!

Note: Digital Campus Classroom works for schools that have implemented ETHDC Digital Campus as their school management platform. Activation is super simple. Just obtain school code from your school’s administration, and use your Digital Campus credentials to create a login pin.

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