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Backrooms Enigma info

Descend into the eerie, endless halls of the Backrooms in this first-person adventure. Backrooms Enigma invites you to unravel the mysteries lurking in the forgotten backroom spaces that exist just beyond the veneer of our perceived reality. With every step, you’ll venture deeper into the unknown, with only your wits and your gun to keep you safe.


Explore The Backrooms: Venture through the maze-like, nondescript backrooms, each one more perplexing and unsettling than the last. Will you find the way out, or will the backroom’s enigmatic aura entrap you?

Unravel Mysteries: Every backroom holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. Solve intricate puzzles and unveil the eerie lore of the Backrooms.

Intense FPS Action: Engage in heart-pounding action as you confront the dangers lurking in the shadows. Your skill in combat will be the key to your survival.

Freedom of Movement: Roam freely through the chilling backroom halls. Your exploration will be crucial in solving the puzzles that block your path.

Immersive Experience: With haunting atmospheres and a rich, intriguing storyline, Backrooms Enigma offers an immersive FPS experience like no other.

Dare to step into the enigmatic backrooms and unveil the mysteries that await. Your journey through the eerie backroom halls will challenge your courage and your aim. In Backrooms Enigma, every corridor holds the promise of discovery, and every room is a step closer to unraveling the eerie enigma of the Backrooms.

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