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Banana vs Guard: Hide and Seek info

Banana Cat and his friends are on a mission to steal money from the toilet monster guard.

Banana Cat and his friends are on a heist! They’re planning to steal a fortune from the toilet monster guard, but they need your help. Sneak through the guard’s lair, avoiding obstacles and enemies, and grab the money before he catches you.

It won’t be easy. The guard’s lair is full of traps and dangers, and his minions are always on the lookout. You’ll need to use all your skills and cunning to succeed.

The game features:

Stealth: Sneak around the guard and his minions without being seen.

Puzzle-solving: Solve puzzles to open doors and progress through the levels.

Humor: Enjoy the game’s light-hearted humor and charming characters.

Banana and his friends are a group of unlikely heroes, but they’re the only ones who can stop the toilet monster guard from getting away with the money. Can you help them succeed?

Download Banana Heist today and start your adventure!

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