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Best Dreamborn Characters From Rise Of The Floodborn In Disney Lorcana


  • The new characters in Rise of the Floodborn expand the cast of Dreamborn characters, offering new abilities to secure victory.
  • Robin Hood, Gaston, and Beast are among the best Dreamborn characters in the set, each with unique strengths and abilities.
  • Cinderella, Alice, and Tiana are also powerful characters, with abilities that can be strategically used to gain an advantage in the game.



The best parts of Disney Lorcana include the new characters released in each set, and Rise of the Floodborn is no exception. With the release, the cast of Dreamborn characters expanded, including all new characters and abilities that can be used to secure victory with your deck.


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There are plenty of characters to choose from, and some are inherently better than others. With the right combination of cards, you can build a powerful deck that can defeat yoru opponent, so long as the luck of the draw is with you. Here are the best Dreamborn characters in Rise of the Floodborn, ranked.

10 Robin Hood

Capable Fighter

Disney Lorcana Robin Hood Capable Fighter

As a card with a cost of two, Robin Hood becomes an easy staple to use. With Skirmish, he can deal one damage to a chosen character without taking any damage himself. While he won’t gain any lore, it’s a great way to whittle down your opponent’s health without risking your own character.

When you have multiple in your hand, you can easily begin taking down your opponent early in game, making those crucial beginning rounds much easier to deal with. For the cost of the card with a defense of three, he’s a good asset to have.

9 Gaston

Baritone Bully

Disney Lorcana Gaston Baritone Bully

While Gaston, Baritone Bully, doesn’t have many abilities, he does have Singer five, meaning he can sing songs up to a cost of five for free. When placed into the right deck, he can be an incredibly useful ally for singing songs that change the game.

Songs are a great way to shake things up, but exerting ink on them can be wasteful at the worst of times. Rather than do so, you can have Gaston sing them for free to reap the benefits of those songs.

8 Beast

Forbidding Recluse

Disney Lorcana Beast Forbidding Recluse

The Beast is a unit in himself, and as the Forbidding Recluse, he deals one damage to a chosen character when played. While he only quests for one, the main appeal is being able to damage an opposing character without exerting Beast.


Disney Lorcana: The 10 Best Characters In Rise Of The Floodborn

Rise of the Floodborn introduces powerful new characters.

With an attack of three and a defense of four, he can take a bit of damage before being banished. When paired with characters like Robin Hood, Capable Fighter, you can deal additional damage without any risk to your characters on the board.

7 Cinderella

Knight In Training

Disney Lorcana Cinderella Knight In Training

Cinderella as a Knight in Training is a wonderful setup. While she works as a sturdy foundation for Cinderella, Stouthearted, she is also useful in her own right. With a cost of two, Cinderella can be played to draw a card. Once you draw the card, you can choose and discard another one.

With a unique combination of categories, including Princess and Knight, there’s a powerful aspect of Cinderella to be explored. At worst, she’s inkable with card draw, and at best, she can lay the groundwork for bringing in a more powerful version of herself.

6 Donald Duck

Not Again!

lorcana card donald duck not again! by carmine pucci_leonardo giammichele

Donald Duck is a classic character, and Not Again! highlights his classic nature. Firstly, he has Evasive, making him hard to hit if your opponent is not prepared. Plus, he has the ability Phooey! which means he can quest for an additional lore for each point of damage on him.

With a cost of five, it takes a while to get him on the board, and you’ll need to be careful with how you exert him to maximize how much lore he quests for without getting him banished.

5 Prince John

Greediest Of All

Disney Lorcana Prince John Greediest Of All

Prince John is a wicked card to play, especially if you have more than one opponent. Regardless, when he’s in play, you’ll be able to draw a card every time your opponent discards one. Additionally, Prince John has Ward, meaning he is safe from being targeted and can only be challenged.

While he is relatively weak when it comes to defense, you can quest for two lore. However, you can have him sing songs or remain ready if you’re worried about him getting banished too soon.

4 Alice

Growing Girl

lorcana card alice growing girl by alice pisoni

Alice, Growing Girl grants all of your other characters Support, which means that they may add their strength to another chosen character for the turn. Depending on who you have in play, this can either be useful or vital to winning the game.


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While Alice has ten strength or more, she quests for an additional four lore, making for a grand total of five. She can quickly develop into a powerhouse for lore and deal immense damage to opposing characters if she challenges before the end of the turn.

3 Goofy

Knight For A Day

Disney Lorcana Goofy Knight For A Day

Goofy, Knight For A Day, doesn’t have any specific abilities, but he is an absolute tank. With ten strength and defense, he’s hard-hitting and hard to beat. Additionally, he can quest for four lore per turn. Playing Goofy is a power move, as he will be tough to banish.

The downside is that Goofy costs nine ink to play, so he’s a late-game character, but he can make your other characters shine. With characters like Alice, Growing Girl, he’s essentially vital to quickly reaching the necessary strength to activate abilities.

2 Arthur

Wizard’s Apprentice

arthur, wizard's apprentice lorcana

Arthur is a helpful character to play, as he has additional abilities when he quests. When he quests, you may return a chosen character to your hand and gain two lore in the process.

You can play that character right back if you’d like, which works well in tandem with characters like Beast, Forbidding Recluse, that deal damage when played. While Arthur doesn’t have much strength, his abilities are where he shines. Making use of Arthur can help you control the board and get one step closer to winning.

1 Tiana

Celebrating Princess

tiana, celebrating princess lorcana

Tiana is an excellent card to play, especially when you’re low on cards in your hand. Her initial benefit is having Resist two. Damage dealt to her is reduced by two, which makes her harder to banish. Additionally, she can quest for two lore.

When your hand is emptyand Tiana is exerted, your opponent cannot play actions. This prevents them from singing songs as well, which can devastate the strategy of your opponent if they’ve been relying on both actions and songs to get by.


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