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Best Holiday CC For The Sims 4

It’s no secret that The Sims 4 has one of the largest modding communities in the world. From outfits to home decor, the community has no shortage of custom content for you to peruse. And with the Seasons expansion pack, your Sims can also celebrate the turning of the year with different holidays.




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Simmers have gone the extra mile in making their Sims’ holidays perfect. From cards to crafts, no detail has been overlooked. No matter what you celebrate, there’s something for everyone. We’ve collected some of the coolest bits of holiday-themed custom content, so you don’t have to spend hours searching.

14 Freezer Bunny Holiday Cards

A Beloved Mascot Returns

Screenshot of five holiday-themed cards sitting on a shelf in The Sims 4, all featuring the Freezer Bunny mascot character
Credit: LuckiSelki

We’re always happy to see custom content creators make nods to in-game lore. Freezer Bunny is a beloved mascot character in the Sims expanded universe. Their adorable mug is plastered all over ice cream, clothing, toys, and other merchandise. Now they’re also able to grace your Sims’ holiday cards!

You’ll need Seasons to be able to use this CC. There are five card designs in total, so you can mix and match them to suit your Sims’ style. Our only gripe is that we wish the “Happy Holidays” card was also available in Simlish, but we’ll forgive LuckiSelki just because these cards are so dang cute.

13 Leftover Sandwiches

What Else Are You Supposed To Do With Holiday Leftovers?

A plate full of sandwiches made of holiday leftovers in The Sims 4
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Surprisingly, there aren’t many creators in the Sims 4 community who make custom recipes for the game. This is because the process of adding foods to The Sims involves several different skills that don’t normally intersect. But we digress. RobinKLocksley is one of the most prolific recipe creators in the community, with several unique contributions.

This leftover sandwich is just one example. Most of us are guilty of creating questionable sandwiches from our holiday leftovers, but until recently, our Sims weren’t able to enjoy this experience. Fret no more! Now every Grand Meal in your Sims’ lives can be followed by a regretful slathering of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce on bread at 2 AM.

12 Hanukkah Decor Object Set

Some Downright Adorable Kids’ Crafts

A table sporting a menorah, a dreidel, a bag of gelt, and several Hanukkah-themed arts and crafts.
Credit: Somecreative CC

This one is great if you tend to create a lot of families with young children. There are too many CC creators who only make content that’s expensive-looking and Simstagram-worthy. Stuff that makes your Sims’ homes look more realistic and homey is hard to come by in comparison, which is a shame.


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This Hanukkah set is mostly made up of children’s crafts that parents can (hopefully) display proudly in their home. Aside from the drawings and paper plate craft, there’s also a commemorative plate and a quirky ‘Hanukkah medusa’ toy. You also have the traditional dreidel, menorah, and bag of gelt. These decorations will help add some cheer and personality to your Sims’ home all Hanukkah long.

11 Around The Sims 4 Advent Calendar 2021

More Toys Than Santa’s Workshop

A collection of toys and gadgets arranged around a Christmas tree in The Sims 4
Credit: Sandy at Around The Sims

  • Creator:
    Sandy (Around the Sims 4)

  • Available through:
    Their website

We’re not sure if Father Winter has a workshop full of gnomes churning out gifts for the masses, but if he doesn’t, the Around The Sims 4 Advent Calendar has you covered. Every year, Sandy at Around The Sims releases a Christmas-themed bonanza of custom content.

2021’s theme is one of the best we’ve seen. This set is all about retro toys, from the original Barbie to first-generation My Little Pony toys. If you’re a millennial, there are also some favorites from your childhood, like Furbies, an Etch-A-Sketch, and Polly Pocket play sets. Your Sims’ kids will be thrilled to wake up on Winterfest morning and dive right into these toys.

10 Kwanzaa Dining Set

Bountiful Displays And Brilliant Textiles

A kinara sits on a well-decorated table for Kwanzaa in The Sims 4
Credit: Syboulette

It’s hard finding almost any CC for Kwanzaa, so this came as a pleasant surprise. This dining set by Syboulette is a feast for the eyes. It’s perfect to make your Sims’ more literal feasts that much more special, and contains a pretty expansive array of items for you to mix and match.

Apart from the traditional kinara, this set includes a round wooden table and a set of modern dining chairs. There are also coordinated table linens, along with abundant baskets of fruit and grain to help you set the scene. The piece we’re most impressed with, however, is probably the elegant tapestry based on traditional African textile patterns.

9 Milk And Cookies For Santa

A Yearly Tradition

A serving of milk and cookies left out for Santa by the Christmas tree in The Sims 4
Credit: Talia’s Witchy Sims

  • Creator:
    Talia’s Witchy Sims

  • Available through:
    Their Simblr

For a lot of people, leaving milk and cookies out for Santa every Christmas Eve was a cherished holiday tradition. If this describes your childhood, you’ll probably like this set of decor objects by Talia’s Witchy Sims. It’s an adorable quartet of clutter items that’s great for Winterfest storytelling.


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Talia’s set consists of a handwritten note for Santa, along with a plate of cookies, a glass of milk, and a full-size milk jug. All can be mixed and matched to your tastes. We’re particularly impressed with how many swatches exist for the plate of cookies. The entire set is compatible with the base game, but you might need additional meshes (linked in the Tumblr) for the milk jug.

8 Replace Father Winter With Santa

Begone, Impostor!

Santa stands in a well-decorated living room in The Sims 4.
Credit: Darkolaito

Santa and The Sims have always had a strange relationship. He first appeared in the Livin’ Large expansion for The Sims 1 before reappearing in The Sims 2: Happy Holiday Stuff. And then he simply disappeared. Sure, Father Winter can father your Sims’ actual children, but he doesn’t fill our hearts with the same nostalgic joy as Saint Nick.

This mod from Darkolaito sets right what is horribly, horribly wrong. Instead of the cold blue robes of Father Winter, your Sims will see a more festively clad man in scarlet come Winterfest eve. It’s a small change, sure, but it makes things feel just a little more Christmassy.

7 Latkes And Sufganiyot

Deep-Fried Deliciousness

Left side: a plate of latkes sits atop a table alongside a menorah with blue candles. Right: a Sim dressed in cozy winter attire enjoys eating sufganiyot while sitting at a table.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Traditional Hanukkah foods are typically fried in oil, like these latkes and sufganiyot by RobinKLocksley. The latkes require your Sim to have at least three points of Cooking skill before they can stuff their face with potato-y goodness. They’re also classified as a dessert under the Dine Out menu creator for some reason. That being said, potatoes for dessert should probably start being a thing.

Meanwhile, if you want your fill of jelly donuts, you’ll need three points of Cooking skill. These donuts look like they’re filled with strawberry jam, which is backed up by its optional custom ingredients. Your sufganiyot can be made at home, but they’re also available as a menu option for restaurants if you have Dine Out installed.

6 Diwali Sweets

Make Your Festivities Sweeter

A collection of Diwali sweets sitting on top of a table in The Sims 4 alongside some colorful candles.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Sharing sweets with your friends and family is a beloved Diwali tradition. This mod adds two recipes to your game that are perfect for the season. The first is pista barfi, a delightful confection made with ground nuts and cardamom. Your Sims can also enjoy badam laddu, a dessert made from ground almonds, coconut, dried fruit, and ghee.

All the sweets are vegetarian-safe and require at least four points of Cooking skill. They can also be prepared using several custom ingredients that are also available on Mod the Sims, but they’re just as good without. No matter how you enjoy them, these desserts will make your Festival of Lights just a little brighter.

5 Maxis Match Diwali CAS Items

Some Quality-Of-Life Improvements To The Maxis Content

A trio of Sims sporting Diwali hairstyles and accessories.
Credit: Simple Simmer

In winter 2017, Maxis released a free update that added several items to the game for Diwali. Simple Simmer’s Create-A-Sim objects are based off of the Maxis files, with a few tweaks. It’s not technically adding new content to the game, but it helps you be more versatile with what Maxis has provided.


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Most of the accessories and hair styles that were only available to adults have now been expanded to other age groups. There are also a few mirrored accessories to give you the ability to put bracelets on both hands. Download this CC if you want more versatility in dressing your Sims for Diwali.

4 Diwali Makeup Set

Simply Radiant

A pair of Sims poses while showing off festive makeup for Diwali
Credit: FishGoatSims

Diwali is the perfect occasion to dress to the nines. This makeup set by FishGoatSims adds some new options to Create-A-Sim. Your Sims can now enjoy new lipstick, eyeshadow, kohl, contouring options, and eyebrows. You also have a bindi, which appears under the same tab as face paint.

All the makeup options are tagged as suitable for feminine-presenting Sims, and are available in a wide range of colors. Currently, they’re only available for young adults and adults, but we’re hoping teens and elders will get some love soon. Now your Sims can celebrate the season in style!

3 Winterberry Tree Farm

For All Your Christmas Photo Shoots

A family poses outside of a Christmas tree farm in The Sims 4.
Credit: HulaZombie

We’re not sure if we’ve ever seen a more Simstagram-worthy lot in our lives. Winterberry Tree Farm, true to its name, is a Christmas tree farm. It’s also a holiday market and ice skating rink. For all your Hallmark Christmas romance moments, Winterbery Tree Farm is there.

This place is perfect for storytelling and photo shoots. There are a handful of custom objects used, but the creator has been careful to include them in the download file. It’s a large lot, so make sure you’ve got plenty of room in your game world before placing it. Creator HulaZombie recommends Granite Falls as the neighborhood of choice.

2 Hanukkah Dining Set

Get Ready For Eight Classy Nights

A tastefully decorated Hanukkah-themed tablescape in The Sims 4, complete with a dreidel garland and fairy lights forming a star of David
Credit: Syboulette

Setting up an elegant tablescape is an essential part of decorating for any holiday. This Hanukkah-themed dining set will be the highlight of any party. The set itself is a bit minimalist in its aesthetic. If that’s not your style, you can easily mix and match pieces with other items to fit any look you want.

We’re in love with this set’s chair cushions and adorable dreidel garland, but there’s something here for everyone. The set features two different menorahs, some modern dining furniture, and more fairy lights than you might know what to do with. Have fun!

1 Sims 4 Happy Holiday Stuff

More Custom Content Than Father Winter’s Sack

Screenshot of a richly decorated Christmas-themed living room in The Sims 4.
Credit: simsi45

Fanmade stuff packs are the crown jewel of the Sims 4 modding community. Each one is the result of weeks or months of hard work. But for those who make them, these packs are a labor of love. The Sims 4: Happy Holiday Stuff took clear inspiration from the official pack that was released for The Sims 2, but there are plenty of original creations as well.

The objects included in this stuff pack are all colorful and adorably nostalgic. Whether you’re looking for an amaryllis to grow during the winter, a tacky snowman speaker, or some lighted reindeer for your lawn, this pack has it all. Happy Holiday Stuff is pretty expansive, so take a look if you need lots of Christmas-themed custom content.


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