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Best Plague Doctor Squishables In 2023

WARNING! Squishables’ Plague Doctor and his crew can be extremely adorable (just like Squishmallows)! Once you know them, you might want to have all these cute plushies! And this desire for more never fades but only gets stronger! Still curious? Seriously, don’t complain; we didn’t warn you!



A long, long time ago, in the middle of a deadly pandemic (no, no—we ain’t talking ’bout medieval times, but 2020). Yep, in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, Squishable released a plush named Plague Doctor. And he was so creepily adorable that he quickly became a permanent resident at Squishable! Find out what the best Plague Doctor Squishables are in 2023 below!

Our Picks For The Best Plague Doctor Squishables In 2023

Plague Doctor Squishable

Plague Doctor Squishable

The spookiest cute doctor you will come across.

Let’s start with OG, the original Plague Doctor Squishable that started the craze! This Squishable was initially intended for Halloween 2020 only. But fans like it so much that now we have more than 10 squads of it!


  • Detailed design
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Best gift for goths

This plushie resembles Medieval Plague Doctors—those folks who dealt with the bubonic plague. They’d stuff their masks with herbs to ward off the stench of death.

And this Squishable is wearing a similar long beak-like mask as theirs, a black cloak, and a wide-brimmed hat. It also has a lantern in its hand and heads up; this lantern glows in the dark. So, don’t be surprised if it starts glowing in the middle of the dark night!

Plague Nurse Squishable

Plague Nurse Squishable

The perfect partner of Plague Doctor.

Now, welcome the Plague Nurse—a white and pink Squishable that’s the perfect counterpart of the Plague Doctor! Plague Nurse was created in response to fan requests to pair up with our OG Plague Doctor.


  • Bright and cheerful colors
  • Adorable nurse outfit
  • Smooth and silky texture

Shorter mask, white leather cloak, off-white hood, and a heart-like pendant on the chest—she’s all cozy fluff. And yes, her pink lantern lights up in the dark too, bringing hope and healing vibes.

Also, if you want the two—the Plague Doctor and the Plague Nurse—to hold hands, just swap the lanterns. But before that, you know the drill—wash those hands like there’s no tomorrow!

Mini Festive Plague Doctor Squishable

Mini Festive Plague Doctor Squishable

A versatile Christmas avatar.

Put Christmas and the Plague Doctor together, and what do you get? Festive Plague Doctor Squishable! Super soft and mega festive, this green and red Squishable is part of the Plague Doctor Festive Series.


  • Shiny and glittery
  • Collectible edition
  • Suitable as a Christmas gift

He is wearing a pointy nose mask, a green and red Santa suit, and an evergreen Santa hat. The trademark lantern is present too. He sees you when you’re sleeping and when you’re awake, but he never minds if you’re a bit misbehaving. All he wants is for you to spread love this holiday season and maybe share a chicken leg. Just be kind, and you’re all set!

Alter Egos Series 6 - Plague Doctor Druid Squishable

Alter Egos Series 6: Plague Doctor Druid Squishable

Acknowledge his wisdom!

Goths, magic lovers, or anyone into offbeat stuff, this one’s for you! This is a grey and black plush toy that resembles a Plague Doctor with a Druidic flair! Wearing a leafy pendant, a leafy crown on its hat, and holding a staff, Plague Doctor Druid Squishable is bizarrely cute!


  • Unique concept and design
  • Very detailed
  • Perfect for Halloween

He is part of the Alter Egos Series 6. Alter Egos? They’re like what Squishables could’ve been if things went a bit left. This spooky Druid Plague Doctor drops wisdom. However, watch out, ’cause it’s a kind of cursed knowledge. Once it’s in your brain, it’s there to stay, like tattooed thoughts!

Alter Egos Series 2 - Plague Doctor Fortune Teller Squishable

Alter Egos Series 2: Plague Doctor Fortune Teller Squishable

When did fortune tellers become so adorable?

Meet the Plague Doctor Fortune Teller from the Alter Egos Series 2. Its light and dark purple velvety appearance gives off mystical vibes. He’s fuzzy, cute… and demonic! He’s wearing his signature beaked mask, creepy cloak, and hat, and this time he’s holding a dark purple crystal ball that reveals the secrets of the future and the past.


  • Starry cloak
  • Detailed crystal ball
  • Fortune-telling theme

Yep, Plague Doctor Fortune Teller has a secret power: when you flip its tarot card, it shows you a random fortune. One path leads to sorrow, the other to joy. So, choose wisely…

Alter Egos Series 2_ Plague Doctor Rainy Squishable

Alter Egos Series 2: Plague Doctor Rainy Squishable

A must-have for rainy seasons!

Maybe you’re looking for less creepiness? Then, pick this Plague Doctor Rainy Squishable! This one is a fun and cute yellow and blue plush toy that resembles the Plague Doctor with a rainy-day theme.


  • Weather-themed
  • Fluffy and squishy
  • Ideal for those who like bright themes

He’s wearing a raincoat and holding a black umbrella in his hand. He also has cute blush marks on his cheeks! And all of his little details make him extra adorable. He also has his own story, which you can find out if you purchase him. Lastly, this Squishable is made of soft and durable material that can withstand hugs, squeezes, and washes.


Plague Doctor Squishables have spookier designs and are suitable for older kids and adults. From the original Plague Doctor that kicked off the trend to newer editions like the Plague Nurse, Festive, Druid, and Fortune Teller Plague Doctor, each brings a unique twist to the series! Their texture is fluff, and each Plague Doctor Squishable offers its own appeal, whether it’s cuddliness, uniqueness, or thematic appeal!


Do Plague Doctor Squishables come in multiple sizes?

Yes, Plague Doctor Squishables come in multiple sizes, ranging from small keychains to 15″ plushie designs. So there’s a good variety of sizes to choose from.

Are Squishables and Squishmallows the same?

No, Squishables and Squishmallows are not the same. Squishables are round and fluffy, made of polyester fiber. In contrast, Squishmallows are marshmallow-like and soft, made of polyester and spandex.


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