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BIMS Student App info

BIMS School Mobile Application for Parents. BIMS School offers parents the maximum information about their Child or Children and Coaching activities, which is an important aspect for Educational Entities to look for. Parents App provides effective communication among school administration, teachers, and parents. In this digital world, Parent Teacher Meeting is an important part of a child’s school life cycle. Not only PTM, but the Parents App also updates Parents regarding child progress, homework, attendance, and Time table. Parent App provides peace of mind to parents, their children’s progression, and awareness of coaching competitiveness. Following is the complete feature list available in this App.


• Course/Class Activity

o Time Table

o Attendance

o Homework

o Fee Voucher

o Assignment

o Course Books

o Subject Progression

o Vacation Work (coming soon)

o Online Class

• Communication

o Circular

o Invitation

o Meeting Request

o Leave Application

o Notification

o Parent Consent (coming soon)

o Complaint

o Schedule Meeting

o Message

• Assessment

o Date Sheet

o Quiz (coming soon)

o Result

o Portfolio

• School

o Academic Calendar

o Gallery

o Contact Us

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