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Blood Pressure Hub info

Blood Pressure Hub is a comprehensive tool designed to help you monitor and manage your blood pressure levels. With this app, you can easily track your BP readings, record your daily blood pressure log, and determine your blood pressure zone. By analyzing your data over time, you can identify areas that need improvement and take steps to maintain healthy levels.

👉Fill in pulse and blood pressure information according to 3 values:

+Systolic (systolic blood pressure readings),

+Diastolic (diastolic blood pressure readings),

+Pulse (heart pressure checker) ​​with just 1 touch

WHY choose Blood Pressure Hub:

✔ Easy to use, easy to understand

✔ Accurate and useful from the knowledge provided

✔ Useful, necessary for all ages

✔ Broaden your knowledge about and understanding of blood pressure measurement

🛑 Please be aware:

+ Blood Pressure Hub is designed to support the recording of indicators and cannot measure blood pressure.

+ The tips provided in the app are for reference purposes only.

+ Blood Pressure Hub is not a substitute for professional medical equipment.

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