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Brick Master: Cross Water info

“Brick Master” is a new theme action parkour casual game. It is a simple level-based game. In the game, you need to collect as many blocks as possible to build bridges and find shortcuts on the water to win. The seemingly simple operation contains unlimited fun!

How to play-Brick Master

Swipe to play

✔ Simple game design, smooth game experience

✔ Compete for the highest score to reach the end

✔ Collect blocks and diamond props

✔ Build a bridge on the water to reach as fast as possible

✔ Fun game that test your skills

✔ Players can enjoy the ultimate running and competition for fun

✔ Every several levels comes a different challenge!

🎉In order to win, get coins and unlock new skins. The bravest and the most stubborn people will receive generous rewards for “bridge runners”.

Have fun!

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