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“Welcome to ‘Call Me Later’ – your ultimate social escape tool! Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation you desperately want to get out of? Whether it’s a tedious meeting, an awkward social event, or an uncomfortable encounter, ‘Call Me Later’ is here to help. Our app allows you to schedule fake calls, providing a believable and discreet excuse to step away.


Easy Call Scheduling: Set up a fake call for any time, ensuring a timely escape from dull or uncomfortable situations.

Customizable Caller ID: Choose who the call appears to be from – a partner, a friend, or even the police, to fit the context of your escape.

Realistic Call Screen: Our fake calls mimic your phone’s standard call interface for authenticity.

Quick Escape Routes: Short on time? Use our immediate call feature to receive a call on the spot.

Perfect for:

Leaving long, unproductive meetings without raising suspicion.

Escaping uncomfortable conversations or encounters.

Taking a break from overwhelming social gatherings.

Adding a bit of humor to your day with prank calls to friends.

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up your fake call. Simply select the caller ID, set the time, and you’re ready to go. When the time comes, your phone will ring just like a regular call, providing a natural and believable excuse to leave.

Safety and Privacy:

Your privacy is our priority. ‘Call Me Later’ does not record or intercept real calls and is designed purely for entertainment and convenience. We understand the importance of discretion and ensure that our app maintains your privacy and data security at all times.

Download ‘Call Me Later’ now and never get stuck in an uncomfortable situation again! Whether it’s for a serious escape or just a bit of fun, our app is your go-to solution for a quick and believable way out.”

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