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Chronorift 1.0.16 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Opening up a chaotic world full of trouble, where any change on the battlefield can turn fate upside down, Lost Realm: Chronorift is both a heroic song and a royal tale worth pondering. Are you mentally prepared to play this game?

Introduce about Lost Realm: Chronorift

Become the Keeper and Start the thrilling RPG adventure!


The kingdom is no longer peaceful. The entire realm is now filled with chaos. A horde of gray, terrifyingly aggressive invading creatures were gradually entering. They want to devour the realms, turning the kingdom into a land of eternal darkness with no day of resurrection.

Players take on the role of the Keeper of Rift Hall, leader of an army of heroes from the past. If you successfully lead this army, taking them steadily through intense monster battles, your dream can come true: both protecting the kingdom and putting an end to the Invaders.

Full of action

The uniqueness of Lost Realm: Chronorift lies in a clear sense of contradiction. When you open the game, what opens before your eyes is a cold, dark, green land. People are sparse, no one wants to open their doors to the street. Everything looks very static.

But soon, you begin to follow the character in collecting, recruiting, and calling on heroes around the world to join the army. This move opened the journey of selfless fighting full of action. The contradiction between eye-catching Movement and Static Graphics makes Lost Realm: Chronorift exude a rare appeal.

Exquisite plot

With beautiful images, deep color mixing, scene design, control interface, and meticulous background details, Lost Realm: Chronorift has created a good initial impression. Then when you explore deeper, passing through each elaborate landscape designed by the artist’s hands, you will discover a very strange Kingdom, which I thought I had known about for so long.

The realm is filled with legendary creatures, both in a charming style and a series of mini-stories tied to each hero in your team. Each person, with their own story, placed in the context of a large plot with many branches, the comprehensive picture is gradually revealed.

Do you want about your own special identity and destiny? Do you want to know the Kingdom’s deep-buried secret thousands of years ago? Take as much time as possible for these contemplations. They will be the foundation for thinking objectively and better evaluating your decisions.

Over 100 heroes and countless items on the way

Each new unlockable hero, through the experience point increases of Lost Realm: Chronorift, is always associated with background, skills, weapons, abilities, and a unique fairy tale. Regardless of whether it is a low-level, mid-range, or high-level hero.

Lost Realm: Chronorift emphasizes balance. Each person, each character can be strengthened, become braver, and ready to fight anytime, anywhere. Once in combat, that hero will gain experience points and unlock certain specialized skills. Experience points will help that person level up, gradually reaching the highest level, “the legendary”.

In addition to unlocking heroes, don’t forget to collect all items, especially remaining artifacts and artifacts created by previous civilizations. They will provide weapons or items that increase the power of your team.

Fight with your own strategy

If you don’t have a clear strategy for using people and coordinating people in Lost Realm: Chronorift, you may just get lucky in the first few matches. To go deep, go a lot, and gain many remarkable achievements, preparing for the final boss battle, you will need to Customize your hero team.

Think of a specific strategy and fighting path. Along this path, you will begin to help each individual on your team progress in an orderly and disciplined manner. Like going in the direction of strength, wisdom, or defending enemies…

During the game, sometimes unexpected developments happen, or enemies have new ways to attack. At this time, the tactics being used are no longer effective. You can proactively readjust your formation and re-choose your fighting style by arranging your formation before and after. In general, you can freely adjust previously made plans. Choosing smart tactics, and being able to steer and change tactics flexibly, you will make the most of the strength of the heroes and gain many advantages on the battlefield.

Many game modes

In Lost Realm: Chronorift, there isn’t just one story-driven game. There are also many small game modes, serving a variety of player needs. Gloried and Outland Arenas are glory arenas, where your abilities and skills are closely tested against many other players in the same arena. Whoever wins will gain glory and higher rankings.

Job mode will open up to players a series of large and small missions related to the general plot. Each mission is associated with a generous reward. And of course, it comes with many not-so-simple challenges. Through this series of missions, players have the opportunity to re-witness the entire big story with a completely different perspective. At the same time, hidden aspects of the original story, related to the heroes’ circumstances, will also gradually be revealed.

In Areopagus mode, you can participate in combat with other members of the same clan. The goal is to fight against strong Bosses. To do this, you will need to coordinate with the Leaders to deal with each of the bosses’ small minion units. Killing them is like chopping off many jagged legs of a spider, you will easily get close to the final boss, the final goal of the game.

In addition, Lost Realm: Chronorift also has a Wonderland Challenge game mode, where you will have to go into the Challenge of Light and the Dark Abyss, through an adventurous journey of fighting in a series of dark dungeons. Fight monsters, defeat bosses, and gain new skills. The more diverse squad strategies you implement, the higher your chances of winning.

Download Lost Realm: Chronorift APK for Android

Lost Realm: Chronorift is about clashing, discovering secrets, overcoming dangerous traps, and rewriting your destiny and that of your close companions. Let’s download the game and enjoy it right away!

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