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ChurchPad Kids Checkin info

The ChurchPad Kids Check-In app is an integrated part of the ChurchPad’s Children module. Purposely made for teachers and administrators to conveniently manage their children’s information. It is built with robust features that make it easy to securely check in/check out children. It can be used on tablets or on a larger screen as a Check-In station. Easily print kid’s paper-based tag/label from the print station at the children church.

Teachers can send text, email, voice and push notifications to parents/guardians in real-time or queued to be sent later. Index and group family data, sort, and help maintain excellent care for the children within your church community.

In order to use the ChurchPad Kids Check-In app, your organization must already have an account with ChurchPad. To sign up for an account, have your organization’s administrator go to

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