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Club Tycoon: Idle Clicker info

Idle manager and clicker game where you have to build your little club: upgrade abilities, defend area, resist various enemies, earn money, get resources and become a club tycoon!

This is a small but highly addictive and fun game with idle clicker and area defense elements. If you enjoy tycoon simulator and incremental style games, where you have to find the right strategy for resource management, “Club Tycoon: Idle clicker” will be entertaining for you.

The game has an end goal, it’s not an endless grind. Your mission is to reach a specific number of dancers and defeat the final boss, typically takes about 30-60 minutes. A Top 15 table is available, so your aim is to complete the game in the shortest time. Good luck, newbie capitalist!

★ Find the right economic strategy

★ Discover all ability and upgrades

★ Automate the process to get resources without tapping

★ Defend the dance floor and resist various enemies

★ Leaderboard to share your best records

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