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Coastal flooding inundates parts of New York City after storm

A combination of high tide, coastal flooding, and a soggy few weeks turned boardwalks into ponds along both the Hudson and East rivers Saturday morning as the city’s emergency management expects as much as 2.5 feet of flooding. The National Weather Service says a coastal flood warning is in effect until 2pm this afternoon.

In Manhattan, at least three parts of Hudson River Park were closed in the morning as high tide flooded across the walking path between from pier 51 at 12th street to approximately pier 40 at Houston St.

“The tide is high so we’ve been closing for people’s safety,” said Miguel Quintero, a temporary worker for the park who closed off sections of the boardwalk. “It gets real slippery, so we’re just closing it for the public safety.”

Calls to the Hudson River Park were not immediately returned.

“The waves are super choppy. People are still running through it though” said Alyssa Perrugini who jogs the Hudson River path every weekend. “The water is coming up right over the walkway it’s flooding the entire walkway”

In Brooklyn, the East River also saw flooding in parts of Greenpoint where the water was seen lapping against the buildings on the shoreline and covering part of the pier at Transmitter Park.

Parts of Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey are also affected.

The National Weather Service is advising people to avoid traveling through water of unknown depths.

This is a developing story and may be updated.

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