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Control Center is a specail app which can help you to customize your phone basing your hoppy. This app gives you quick access to many settings such as camera, clock, screen recorders, screenshots, night mode changes,…

Besides, you may quickly and easily switch your phone to iOS design, then customize everything to suit your tastes.

You can quickly access a variety of settings and apps with Control Center:

– Airplane Mode: Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections on your Android device immediately by switching to Airplane Mode.

– Wi-Fi: Enable Wi-Fi to access the internet, stream music, download movies, and other things.

– Bluetooth: Connect to wireless keyboards, headphones, and other Bluetooth-capable devides.

– Do Not Disturb: This option mutes incoming calls, alerts, and notifications when you active this mode.

– Portrait Orientation Lock: Prevents the rotation of your device’s screen when you move it.

– Change display brightness: You can change the display’s brightness from any screen.

– Flashlight: Your camera’s LED flash also functions as a flashlight, allowing you to add more light when you need it.

– Set an alarm, a timer, a stopwatch, or check the time in another nation or location with alarms and timers.

-Record Screen, screenshot: help you take a screenshot and record any action just by a click.

Download it to change your Android phone’s usage entirely right now with Control Center! Make your smartphone on your own, and enjoy every moment of using it! Incredible notification bar and quick actions.




This application requires activation in the accessibility service to display the control center view on the mobile screen.

Additionally, this app utilizes accessibility service functionalities such as control music, control volume, and dismissing system dialogs, among other features.

This application does not accumulate or disclose any user information about this accessibility right.

No user data is stored by this application about this accessibility right.

Thanks for using my app!

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