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Corpses You Should Speak To In Baldur’s Gate 3

One of the many things that makes Baldur’s Gate 3 a memorable game is how many different approaches the game offers for finding out information, learning about the history of the world, and progressing the story. Talking to NPCs, reading notes and journals, talking to the animals, or talking to the dead can all lead to interesting twists and surprises in the game’s narrative.




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The Speak with Dead spell allows you to speak with most dead NPCs, even the ones you killed if you use a disguise on your character afterward. It’s easy to forget you have this capability in the more exciting moments of the game, and you might miss crucial information that would help you complete quests or learn about important lore. So if you’re looking to discover every little detail the game has to offer, let these corpses regard you lifelessly.

10 Mirileth

Benryn asking a question from his dead wife

Mirileth is a high half-elf who was killed during the raid on Waukeen’s Rest. Once you head inside the main building with the flaming fist soldiers to rescue Counsellor Florrick, you hear a man shouting for help from one of the rooms upstairs. This starts the quest Rescue the Trapped Man, in which you can help Benryn escape the burning inn.

Once outside, Benryn will start looking for his wife, Miri. You find Miri’s body on the second floor of one of the adjacent buildings, and after informing Benryn of her passing, you can cast Speak with Dead for Benryn to ask one final question from his late wife. He will ask about the whereabouts of the dowry ring that was meant for her sister’s wedding, and you can complete the quest by delivering the dowry to him.

9 Rugan

Rugan the male human Zentharim agent in studded leather armor

Rugan is a Zentharim agent, trapped in a cave and surrounded by a band of gnolls to the east of Waukeen’s Rest in Act 1. While he is not dead the first time you meet him, if you approach the cave from a side entrance, they will join the fight to defeat the gnolls, and if you are not careful, it’s likely that Rugan and his companion, Olly, won’t make it out of the fight alive.

If you fail to save Rugan during this fight, you might want to speak with him as he can reveal the location and the entry password to a Zentharim hideout in the area, and as a hideout should be, it’s easy to miss this location if you don’t know what you are looking for. Depending on how you approach the NPCs and quests in this hideout, you can access some unique items, quests that will span until the third act of the game, and an alternative entrance to the Underdark.

If you want to keep Rugan alive, you can start the fight with the gnolls from outside the cave and out in the open.

It’s a harder fight, but Rugan and Olly will refuse to participate and prefer to hide while you deal with the threat.

8 Auntie Ethel

Auntie Ethel smiling in Hag Form

Surprisingly, you can cast Speak with Dead on many bosses that you kill in Baldur’s Gate 3 without needing to disguise yourself. If you kill Auntie Ethel in her lair in Act 1, you might find a lot more about the hag and her plans than you might do if you let her live.


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The most shocking part of this dialogue is how different she sounds compared to other corpses that you talk to. It’s almost like she is still alive, and as she says herself, she has been planning and preparing for such an occasion for a long time.

7 True Soul Korliss

The hill surrounded by magical torches in which we can find True Soul Korliss

There are a lot of dead people in the shadow-cursed lands, but still you should count yourself lucky if you find a body not completely consumed by the shadows. True soul Korliss was killed in an area surrounded by magical torches that have kept the shadows from turning her body into an undead monstrosity.

You can find her to the south of Last Light Inn, on top of a hill surrounded by four glowing blue torches. Speaking to her will reveal what the torches are keeping at bay, and if you wish, you can destroy the torches to lure in the shadow creatures that haunt this area. This is a unique encounter that you can learn about by talking to this dead NPC, and rewards you with a powerful ring.

6 Art Cullagh

Art Cullagh, the flaming fist soldier sick with the shadow curse

Art Cullagh is a bedridden flaming fist soldier who you can find in the Last Light Inn. This NPC is crucial to Halsin’s personal quest to purge the shadow curse from the land and to eventually recruit him into your party.

While Art Cullagh is not dead, there are some choices and some fights that might lead to the Last Light Inn falling to the corruption of the shadows. If this happens, Art Cullagh will be killed, but you still won’t be locked out of Halsin’s quest as you can still speak with his corpse and progress the story.

While losing the Last Light Inn to the shadow curse is not the optimal outcome for a good-aligned playthrough, this actually helps you skip a rather challenging step in completing Halsin’s quest.

So, if you want to recruit the mighty bear to your party as fast as possible, you might consider sacrificing the refugees in the Inn.

5 Orthon’s Bed

Orthon's Bed made out of humanoid corpses

One of the most disturbing and easily missed uses of the Speak with Dead spell is the Orthon’s Bed in Gauntlet of Shar. You find this throne made out of humanoid bones and corpses in the room where you encounter Yurgir, and you can actually speak with the dozens of corpses that make up this bed.

This unsettling conversation reveals important lore about the shadow-cursed lands, the Dark Justiciars who once ruled over the area, and their ultimate fate. There are a lot of hidden details and funny conversations that can happen in this room alone. So, be thorough in your investigations, and stop licking the damn spider!

4 Father Lorgan

Cleric Player Casts Speak With Dead On Father Lorgan Asks About Killer

One of the first locations that you might find in the third act of the game in Rivington is the Open Hand Temple, which was recently the scene of a tragedy. Father Lorgan, the head of the temple and a respected cleric among the followers of Illmater, has been killed, and the detective has accused one of the refugees of his murder.

You are tasked with investigating this murder further, as Detective Valeria seemed unmotivated and rushed to their conclusion. An easy starting point would be to talk with the late Father Lorgan himself and ask for the victim’s first-hand report on his murderer. As it turns out, magic is really useful in homicide investigations.

3 Ffion Goldgrind

Ffion Goldgrind's corpse in a hidden room

After speaking with the proprietor of Sahress’ Caress, you learn that one of her best employees, Ffion, has been missing for a while. You can offer to help and find the adored dwarf dead in the building across the street. While this concludes the quest, and you can report back to Mamzell Amira of Ffion’s fate, speaking to the corpse reveals a lot more about another ongoing plot in the city.


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As it turns out, Ffion is the mother and the victim of the dwarf in red clothing, the main suspect in murdering Father Lorgan and Duke Stelmane. You learn a good bit of information about the personal motivations and depravities of this murderer, which can easily be overlooked with all that’s going on in the lower city of Baldur’s Gate.

2 Gortash

Gortash Speaks With Off-Camera Orin During Act 3 Cutscene In Baldur's Gate 3

Another boss who has a lot to say after their death is Lord Gortash, the chosen of Bane. Surprisingly, talking to the chosen’s corpse gives you a direct connection to the god of tyranny himself, revealing more about their plan with the absolute, and even offering a deal to the character to complete what their previous chosen, Lord Gortash, failed to do.

This special dialogue was the center of attention in the community at one point, as many didn’t know or didn’t consider talking to the main bosses of the game once they were defeated. Even months after the game’s launch, players are still discovering new secrets and hidden details, so keep that Amulet of Lost Voices handy and talk to every corpse who is willing to talk.

In case you missed it, the Amulet of Lost Voices is a very useful item that you can find in the ruined temple at the beginning of the game.

In the same room where you first encounter Withers, make sure to check the storage and loot this amulet to be able to cast the spell Speak with Dead freely.

1 Helena Anchev

Helena Anchev, Orin's mother's mummified body

Orin the Red is a mysterious and unsettling villain, and after defeating her, Bhaal will consume her corpse, leaving nothing behind for us to speak to and learn more about her background. But, as you learn from her grandfather Sarevok, she killed her mother Helena when she was a child.

Disturbingly, Helena’s mummified body is grotesquely displayed in Orin’s room in the temple of Bhaal, behind the arena where the boss fight takes place. You can talk to Helena’s corpse to learn more about Orin and the Bhaalspawn.


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