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Cricket Runs Rate – Estimator info

“Easy Runs Rate Estimator” is your straightforward tool for making crucial run rate decisions during a cricket match. Designed with simplicity in mind, this app focuses on providing users with the essential information they need to strategise effectively.

Key Features:

Desired Runs Rate Indicator:

Instantly reveals the required run rate for the chasing team to achieve victory.

Helps users determine whether they need to chase a target within a set number of overs or defend a target within a specified overs.

Live Run Rate Calculations:

Effortlessly calculate the required run rate based on target runs and overs remaining during the match.

Determine the target to defend within a specified number of overs during the bowling innings.

Intuitive Interface:

Streamlined design for quick and easy navigation.

Provides users with immediate insights for timely decision-making.

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