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Daily Number Puzzle info

Daily Number Puzzle is a fun and addictive number-matching game. 🏅 Match the numbers and clear the board. Sharpen your mind, enjoy some fun, and improve your math skills at the same time! 🔢 Thousands of number puzzles are waiting for you!

How to Play

-Find pairs with the same value or sum of 10.

-Check row by row. Remember pairs can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

-Scan left to right going from one row to another. Pay attention to the pairs from the end of one row and the beginning of another. As long as there is no number between them, they can be eliminated!

-Clear one row to shift up the remaining numbers and build new pairs

-When there is no pair left, click on “+” to copy the remaining numbers and build more pairs

-The ultimate goal is to clear the board and go as far as you can.


-Simple Gameplay: Just tap the numbers and eliminate them all!

-Endless Fun: Over 10000+ stages are waiting for you.

-Minimalistic Design: A pure number-matching game with no distracting features.

-Sharpen Your Mind: Exercise your brain with challenging Daily Number Puzzle.

-Play Anytime & Anywhere: No time limits! No Wifi needed!

Daily Number Puzzle is a challenging puzzle game designed to meet all your expectations. 💯 If you are a math puzzle fan looking for a pure math puzzle game without annoying features, then Daily Number Puzzle is definitely for you! 🎯

If you are overwhelmed by your daily life, let Daily Number Puzzle energize you to train your brain and relax your mind. Stop waiting! Download now and enjoy endless fun!

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