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Detective – Escape Room Games info

Solve puzzles and riddles to escape room, search for clues and hidden objects, unravel a spooky murder mystery and find a maniac killer. The best escape games and offline are already here, the adventure begins! Detective story with lots of secrets is waiting for you. Come and play in adventurous terror!


Detective Andrew and his assistant Susan are looking for a maniac called Collector. He has killed many innocent people and Andrew’s police partner who was like a brother for him. Follow the trail of the maniac in a well-made brainteaser for those who like adventure escape mysteries from the developers of “Scary Horror 2: Escape Games”.

Each new level of our mystery games will be more difficult and interesting than the previous one, and you will need to use all your deduction and logic skills to unfold thrilling mysteries, find objects that point to the killer of innocent people and catch him.

Why is he called Collector? How could a serial killer organize such terrible crimes and stay free for so long? You have to find it out in thriller games with many locations and hidden objects.

In these escape games the maniac has already set thousands of traps, will you become his next victim? Find out what is hidden in the mysterious house where terrible murders were committed…

🚪Puzzle adventure escape room games with an unpredictable plot

🕵 Realistic noir detective games offline

🗝️ Free hints to escape house

🔎 Challenging riddles and puzzles

🔒 Simple controls and user-friendly interface

Play room escape game offline, each quest is a new plot twist, hidden objects and intriguing secrets. Leads, victims, suspects – the evidence board will be full of objects pointing to the perpetrator, and your heart will be full of fear and excitement. Try out criminal games: explore locations as an investigator or the detective’s assistant, find clues, solve riddles and develop your logical thinking.


If you like to be a part of mysterious adventures about police and criminal cases, then be sure to try our homicide detective games: a mysterious pier, a horror house, a cemetery and dozens of other realistic locations with cool animations and sound effects are waiting for you. Can you find objects pointing to the maniac and get out of the room? Our mystery games will make you fall in love with the puzzle escape room genre and criminal conspiracy cases.


If you like high-quality puzzle adventure escape room quests or murder mystery stories, find hidden objects or solve puzzles, secrets and riddles, then try to go through all our scary and detective games offline full of horror. Wait for new room escape games free on our page “Escape Adventure Games”!

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