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Dirty Crown Scandal 1.1.0 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download

In modern times, everyone can live true to their gender. Many literary works, novels, movies and even video games are following this Boys Love trend. Have you ever tried a typical Boys Love game like Dirty Crown Scandal?

Introduce about Dirty Crown Scandal

BoysLove interactive novel game!

The appearance of four talented young men at the same time

Our BL story will feature up to 4 handsome men. Driven by the flow of life and fate, everyone turns to one of them for the purpose of survival, but in the end they are defeated by the wormwood of love. It created a memorable love triangle.

The main character is Martias. The game began when Martias looked with concern at the sturdy, determined but somewhat dark man standing in front of him. The voice sounded very kind, but it made the listener flinch when they realized the feelings between these two people were not simple. Behind that dry expression, there seemed to be a lot of emotions flowing in streams.

That scene seems to be the climax of this four-way relationship. Where do all the problems start? When did the disputes and emotional turmoil come about? Is it someone’s mistake? Does hearing this make you excited and curious? Let’s continue to follow the highlights of this BL story.

The main characters have their own personalities

People always love beauty and good things. In Dirty Crown Scandal, you will meet four boys, both beautiful and personable, each living in their own unique world. What they all have in common is that they are perfect men. So it’s true that they love each other.

The first man’s name is Adriel, a prince, handsome, rich in status and power. Because he knows he is superior to many people and has everything in his hands, he is of course very arrogant, domineering and somewhat jealous.

The next character you will meet is a guy named Kalcion, who is the Earl of the Northern Lands. This person looks polite, arrogant, and somewhat aloof, but inside is actually a warm, easily broken heart. Wherever he appears, he is extremely attractive and immediately radiates aura, attracting everyone around him. Almost everyone wants to build a good relationship and wants to chat with Kalcion.

The third male character is Shamat, who is a young, talented, successful and handsome alchemist. He was considered a prodigy by alchemists and was known by many as an extremely charismatic speaker in the capital. Shamat lives a moderate, somewhat stereotypical life because he was educated this way from a young age. In fact, this is a person who is hot on the outside and cold on the inside, with a heart that always yearns to love and be loved.

The last character, also the main male character in the story, is the one you are playing as, Martias. He is an ordinary young man, living a noble life, with ideals, a sense of humor and a charming, genderless beauty. Martias did not belong to this world. But one day, for some reason, he was drawn to the land of games. When he woke up, he was shocked to realize that he was in the body of the Crown Prince of this country, the only person who could succeed after his father’s death. From here all the trouble begins.

Introducing a few details about the main characters in Dirty Crown Scandal so you can imagine the emotional “heat” of this game. Think of a romance full of ramifications, with the uncertain future of the world and surrounding setting. Dirty Crown Scandal will be an interactive story with an attractive BL theme that you can enjoy right on your mobile phone.

Character fate changes according to choices

There are many options for you to decide during the course of playing Dirty Crown Scandal. But be very careful. They are all related to each other, in a cause-and-effect fashion. Sometimes it leaves behind consequences that take many events for you to realize and your heart suddenly stops.

Worth mentioning, in Dirty Crown Scandal, the fate of the main character (and everyone involved) will change depending on the player’s choices, AT DIFFERENT TIMES. The deeper you go into the royal scandal of this fantasy world, the more you find yourself being led into darkness.

Will your fate be swallowed up in the clutches of royalty? Or will you free yourself from that ungrateful struggle thanks to the exciting relationships you are about to have? You cannot escape, nor do you know how to return to your world. So why not live consciously, choose consciously and live to the fullest while still in this kingdom?

MOD APK version of Dirty Crown Scandal

Premium Choices will help your story go in a better direction and make it more dramatic than ever. Consider downloading Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK to choose Premium Choices for free.

MOD features

  • Unlocked
  • Free Premium Choices


Premium Choices no longer require Gems to unlock. It won’t be any different from the normal choices.

Download Dirty Crown Scandal MOD APK for Android

Dirty Crown Scandal is for those who love the BoysLove theme, those who are not shy about romantic hot scenes and a dreamlike classic fantasy world. Do you like this game trend? If so, download Dirty Crown Scandal to try it out.

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