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Don’t Touch My Mobile – Alarm info

🛡 Keep Your Smartphone Safe with Don’t Touch My Mobile – Alarm

👆Don’t Touch My Mobile – Alarm is your Anti Theft Alarm and phone security alarm. This app secure phone by detecting motion of phone whenever someone attempts to touch your phone

✅ Don’t Touch My Mobile is a powerful anti-theft app:

– Detect theft by motion: The app detects any movement of phone, even if the phone is locked.

– Alarm customization: You can customize the alarm to sound a siren, vibrate or flash

– Many alert sounds: fire siren, ambulance siren, police siren, school bell, truck horn,…

👀 Anti-Theft Alarm

This app triggers a loud siren whenever detects the motion of phone when someone is trying to touch your phone without permission. Whether it’s a nosy roommate or a thief, this app is your phone security.

🔊Custom Alarm Sounds

Choose from a variety of alarm sounds to personalize your experience. The siren is loud and attention-grabbing, ensuring that anyone nearby knows.

With this app, you can rest easy knowing that your smartphone is protected around the clock. Whether you’re at home, or work your device is secure. As long as someone touches your phone and makes your phone move, the application will alarm

✨ How to use Don’t Touch My Phone app:

1. Activate pocket mode

2. Place the device anywhere even on the table or in the pocket

3. When anyone touch your phone, if detect motion of phone the alarm will ring, flash or vibrate

Don’t Touch My Mobile – Alarm: Your Smartphone’s Guardian.

✅Protect phone with Don’t Touch My Mobile – Alarm and keep your personal information safe from thieves trying to steal your phone. Download now

If you have any questions about the Don’t Touch My Phone – Alarm app, please leave us a comment. We will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your support. 💖

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