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Drake Trivia Quiz info

Whether you’re an OVO faithful from the start or just exploring his incredible musical journey, the Drake Trivia Quiz is here to put your knowledge and passion for the rap icon to the test.


◆ General Knowledge: Showcase your expertise on the arist with a diverse range of trivia questions covering his albums, milestones, and personal life. Discover intriguing new facts about your favorite artist.

◆ Album Art Mystery: Can you recognize his iconic album covers even when they’re slightly obscured? Challenge your visual memory and prove you’re a true fan of the 6 God.

◆ Lyric Showdown: Think you know every lyric from his tracks? Engage in an interactive multiple-choice challenge to match lyrics to their corresponding songs.

Please note that this is an unofficial trivia app created for educational and informational purposes only. All pertinent intellectual property rights remain with their respective owners, and this app does not imply any official endorsement or affiliation.

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