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Dream Match 3D info

Tap, Find & Match Triple 3D Game!

Get ready for a fun and challenging matching triple 3d game.

Dream Match 3D is a fascinating puzzle game that will test your observation skills and

challenge your thoughts! Ready to click on the amazing 3D puzzle, find and match objects,

which will make you fascinated.


* Click three same 3D objects to collect them.

* Find the goal of the level setting and become a master of 3D puzzle games!

* Notice! There is a timer in each level, and you must reach the level target before

the end of the time!

* combo can generate the rocket to help you pass the level quickly

* When there are 7 objects on the steps, you will fail!

* Use the booster to help you pass the difficulty level

Whether you want to train your brain, improve observation and memory, or relax your body and mind, joy matching 3D can meet your needs.

This is your best time killer!

Offline game: Even if there is no Internet connection, play anytime, anywhere.

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