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Drift Runner 1.0.009 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

A bustling multiplayer racing arena, Drift Runner, where you can compete against countless skilled racers around the world in the technique of Drifting. The game looks simple but is full of heart-stopping corner-to-corner moves. Do you want to be a part of this exciting arena?

Introduce about Drift Runner

Dominate the streets and become the undisputed Drift Master!

Racing game focusing on drifting skills

Do you feel like you’re particularly interested in drifting when driving race cars and 4x4s, but haven’t found a game that focuses entirely on this aspect? Now no need to worry, there is a bustling Drift Runner arena waiting for you ahead.

Drift Runner is a game specializing in car drifting. It will still take a lot of time to get used to, and master, and a variety of other driving skills on the track. But if you like drifting cars, this will be a game not to be missed, for the following reasons.

The first is a continuously winding racetrack system, specially designed for professional drift racers. The long distances are shorter, replaced by sharp turns, requiring players to keep their eyes open and skillfully perform the steps of drifting techniques if they want to surpass their opponents and reach the finish line within possible.

The second reason is that all the cars in Drift Runner come from world-famous sports brands such as JDM, Euro, and Muscle. Whether they are high-speed cars or specialized racing cars, you can see their design. Low ceilings, neat heads, quality steering wheels, and brakes are the common points of the car models in this game. And the above-mentioned characteristics are very suitable for car drifting techniques.

Customize and create your own car

There aren’t too many cars that can specialize in drifting. So when it comes to the number of cars available, Drift Runner may be nothing compared to other racing games. However, the interesting thing is that as long as you own a car, you can customize it to be able to drift.

Changing the car’s glass, the rearview mirror, the roof, or the wheels… There are more in-depth modifications including changing the engine, changing body accessories… You can also modify the Engine components related to speed or recalibration of dynos to affect maximum power.

In case you want to create a car that stands out from the crowd, Drift Runner also supports the Modern Paint feature with thousands of colors and the ability to have blown-out tones.

Race on tracks inspired in real life

As shared from the beginning, the race track in Drift Runner is designed very cleverly, requiring players to continuously drift at increasingly high speeds.

You will have the opportunity to witness the running tracks surrounding Togue Mountain, the official race track around the city like a professional tournament. Each place with its terrain characteristics will bring different competitive driving inspiration.

You can also participate in major competitions and tournaments such as the Klutch Kickers Tournament, and go to Luke Finks Archerfield Drift Park. Or simply observe the competitive rankings between players. If you still need constant air changes, you can participate in official, real-world drifting events.

Meeting famous racers

The racer characters in Drift Runner are all famous athletes such as Adam LZ, and Luke Fink… Each new season appears, if you visit the game you will immediately see one or a few new characters added.

Such characters as Adam LZ and Luke Fink with designs that closely follow real people, along with their technical abilities will help you get more excited in the process of challenging other players, comparing high and low skills on the race track.

Download Drift Runner APK for Android

Drift Runner is a game that allows you to participate in drift races with many online players around the globe. The racing game is as fast as a god and also requires you to perform countless super drifting skills. Drift Runner is a game you should have on your device to practice your skillful car drifting skills.

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