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Eastern Orthodox Bible info

The Eastern Orthodox Bible is a unique version of the Bible used primarily by Eastern Orthodox Christians. It includes the standard 66 books found in most Protestant Bibles, but it also contains additional books known as the “Deuterocanonical” books, which are highly regarded in Eastern Orthodox tradition. This version aims to maintain the theological and liturgical integrity of the Orthodox faith and provides readers with a comprehensive view of the Christian scriptures within an Orthodox context. It’s a valuable resource for those interested in the rich theological traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy.


– The app works offline. No internet connection or WIFI required.

– Listen to the bible with our audio/text to speech feature.

– Bookmark, highlight, make notes and share bible verses.

– Verse of the Day, Gospel of the Day and Psalm of the Day with push notification alert.

– Include all chapters of the Holy Bible (Old Testament and New Testament).

– Customize theme with different fonts and day/night mode feature.

– Easy to use interface with simple and minimal design.

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