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Economics Grade 9 Textbook info

This is The new curriculum Economics grade 9 Ethiopian Student textbook application is very useful for students who are in need of learning with e-books on their smart mobile phone or tablet.

~The application is well compiled for easy reading purposes.

~The application enables the user to easily navigate from chapter to


~The application retains the page number while the user navigates from

chapter to chapter. that is the user doesn’t have to remember what the

page number was when he/she goes back and forth from each chapter

while using the application. The app saves it automatically.

~ also while are reading, you will not lose the page number you have

been during a configuration change, that is to say for example when your

phone rotates from Landscape mode to portrait and vice versa.

~We have added a useful feature to retain/save the user’s page number

of the book in each chapter when he/she was last reading even when the

app is closed totally no need to worry/remember about which page

number you wear reading in.

~The application has many useful features just download it and give it a try

~The application work totally offline.

~Please if you love the application give us 5 star 🌟 rating to encourage us.

~If you have any feedback and any feature you want us to add. please feel

free to write ✍ to us using our contact email. Download and enjoy the app

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