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Edge Lighting – Border light info

Edge lighting colour app creates a beautiful looking colourful rounded corner border to your smartphone home screen and lock screen. You can set edge lighting, border light live wallpaper or static; both features are included inside the app.

Edge lighting wallpaper sets a moving border light full screen. Edge lighting border light that shows a colourful edge lighting notification. Edge lighting adds beautiful curved edge lighting rounded on edge border light. The edge lighting wallpaper live in border wallpaper light can be easily applied for mobile border light apps.

Edge lighting wallpaper is a border light round corner that makes your mobile edge screen with charming edge lighting. The border light wallpaper can easily apply edge border light themes and display light apps on edge.

– Set colourful round EDGE Lighting as live wallpaper.

– Set multi colour screen edges to live wallpaper.

– You could simply select a wallpaper from our designs specially edge live wallpaper.

– Transform your live wallpaper with Colourful Round Edge Lighting

We have made it very easy and free to use. Your feedback is important to us. Kindly write to us if you have any query or suggestion.

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