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Emergency Ambulance Simulator info

In this Ambulance driving simulation game you take on the role of an ambulance driver. When emergency calls come in, your job is to pick up patients from the specified location and take them to the hospital or medical center.

Ambulance Driving Game

Ambulance patient transport simulation will make you feel like a real ambulance driver with its graphics and gameplay. Throughout the game, you will encounter different difficulty levels and test yourself by taking patients from different regions.

Complete your first treatment in your ambulance and manage the process in the best way possible. In the game, depending on the treatment status of the patients, emergency times will extend and quick solutions will be needed. You must improve your fast driving skills in traffic and deliver your patients to the hospital urgently.

Ambulance Driver Game

This immersive game will clearly show you the difficulties experienced by a real ambulance driver. You may even feel your heart beat faster when viewing emergency calls.

We will add different ambulance vehicles and different maps with new updates to make Emergency Ambulance Simulator more enjoyable. With new updates, you can buy ambulances, upgrade medical equipment and perform your duties more effectively.

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