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Eminem Is The First Playable Fortnite Skin Who Can Speak In-Game

Eminem’s Slim Shady skin has a unique reaction to the “Real Slim Shady” emote that makes him sing along to it, making him the first character in Fortnite who can speak in-game.



We’re just a few days away from Fortnite’s Big Bang event, which Epic and Fortnite insiders are teasing will be a huge moment for the game that leads into some big changes for Chapter 5. Not only does this event bring Eminem into the game for a performance, but it also makes him playable through a new series of skins that just went live on the Item Shop today.


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Eminem joining the game is exciting enough as it is, but players have quickly discovered something very unique about one of his skins. Alongside the new Marshall Mathers skins is a new emote called “Real Slim Shady”, which lets players mime along to the chorus of, you guessed it, The Real Slim Shady. For most skins, that just means silently bopping along to it, but the Slim Shady skin will actually sing along to the song as it plays, with actual mouth movements and everything.

As pointed out by Twitter user VinderTomat, this implies that Eminem is canonically powerful enough that he can break through the effects of The Loop and speak during gameplay, something that no other character in Fortnite can currently do. We get occasional grunts and a whole lot of miming, but never any actual speaking from the characters.

Before all the Fortnite lore enthusiasts jump down my throat, no I’m not counting characters like Goku and All-Might that scream and laugh during their emotes. As cool as that is, it’s hardly talking.

That being said, Eminem isn’t the only Fortnite character with a voice, as all of the celebrities who have taken part in the concerts can attest to, as can all of the original characters who appear in events. Eminem is unique, though, because he’s the only one with an emote that allows him to talk during gameplay.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering Eminem is currently breaking reactive wraps by rapping so fast, but it is an interesting feature that makes him stand out among the rest of the skins, even if some fans are currently trying to add the mouth movements to ordinary skins who use the emote.


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