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Camera augmented-reality (AR) / virtual-reality (VR) application “EmotiFace” represents your face expression anytime, anywhere, anonymously!

EmotiFace tracks your face expression and renders avatar with exact modeling.

[Smile and wink!]

Our character reflect your face expression exactly using front or back camera.

Make the expression you want!

[Wear your Glasses or Sunglasses!]

Are you wear glasses or sunglasses?

We could also detect your glasses or sunglasses for eyesight, and draw proper accessary with character naturally.

[Wearing mask? Don’t worry!]

Are you wearing mask?

We could detect your mask, and draw mask on character nicely.

You can use EmotiFace’s service public place and anywhere.

[Stick your tongue!]

Stick your tongue ridiculously, and if we could detect your tongue, avatar also stick tongue instantly.

[Shake your head excitedly!]

Your avatar will move physically with your head motion.

Watch the AR avatar moving along with the movement of your head.

The people who want to express themselves in a different way often want to hide their face and transform to the anime avatar. Also, we could record and save your moments in a short-form video.

Express your face anyway! Share your funny moments!

We hope you can have a fun time with your avatar on EmotiFace.

EmotiFace needs access to:

– Camera: This lets your avatar track your real facial expressions and some accessaries with augmented reality technique. You could record your own video.

– Mic: This lets you records your own voice.

– Storage: This lets you save your own recorded video.

Go to EmotiFace > More Info > Terms of Service to find out more about our terms of services or Open Source License for more information about open source.

Go to App store information to find out our Privacy Policy.

Email us at for any questions or feedback.

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