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Expense IQ Money Manager 2.3.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

How to manage finances intelligently? Will you hire a financial assistant? That’s smart, but are you that rich? Transfer all the money to the same bank account? Not optimal at all! So what to do now? The answer is to use Expense IQ Money Manager, an extremely popular spending management tool over the years.

Introduce about Expense IQ Money Manager

Expense IQ Money Manager is a multitasking financial management application created to help you track, manage and optimize your financial transactions. Highly appreciated for its extremely accurate income and expenditure statistical features as well as its convenience, Expense IQ Money Manager will be a great assistant for anyone who needs financial planning, even person or business.

Integrate bank accounts

To best serve financial management, it is extremely important to link the bank accounts you have into one common hub. At Expense IQ Money Manager, you can connect the app to your bank accounts, credit cards, e-wallets, and even investment accounts. This not only helps you track each transaction in detail but also provides an overview of all important financial developments.

In particular, this feature also helps you easily track and manage diverse income sources, from salaries, bonuses to investment income. Through this integration, you’ll gain visibility into your entire personal financial blueprint, a key point for making smart decisions about spending and investing.

Smart budget management

Through Expense IQ Money Manager, you can easily set up a monthly budget for each spending category such as food, transportation, education, entertainment or anything you spend money on. The application will automatically track and update actual spending compared to the set budget. This way, you can maintain control over your finances, prevent overspending, and keep your budget plan on track.

Warning about overspending

One of the biggest problems and probably also the main factor that makes most people look for a financial management app is because excessive spending has too much of an impact on their lives. People often go on a big shopping spree every time they get a salary or bonus, then sadly end up having to eat instant noodles for a meal at the end of the month and start thinking, “What did I spend all that money on?”

Therefore, Expense IQ Money Manager designed the budget overrun warning feature to help you manage your money output more easily. You can set thresholds for each spending category, and when spending exceeds a set amount, you’ll receive an instant alert. With these notifications, you will quickly stop overspending, adjust your spending and avoid unwanted financial situations.

Manage savings

Expense IQ Money Manager allows you to set specific savings goals. By determining your goal amount and timing, you can track your savings progress. The app provides suggestions and strategies to help you achieve your goals faster.

Every time you make a spend, Expense IQ Money Manager also automatically records and updates your savings situation. This way, you will recognize unnecessary spending habits and optimize your resources to achieve your savings goals effectively. This feature not only helps you set clear goals but also provides specific guidance for you to achieve those goals. This creates a strong source of encouragement, helping you maintain patience and focus to pursue big plans in life.

Smart investment

Expense IQ Money Manager provides an intelligent investment dashboard to assist you in tracking and evaluating the performance of your investments. With this feature, you can better understand your own investment style, while creating the opportunity to adjust your investment strategy when necessary. Additionally, you can also link Expense IQ Money Manager to your investment accounts and have the app automatically update information on profits, exchange rates and stock prices.

MOD APK version of Expense IQ Money Manager

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Download Expense IQ Money Manager MOD APK for Android

Expense IQ Money Manager is truly a smart and useful tool for anyone who needs to manage the financial situation of themselves, their family or their business. Thanks to this application, you will no longer be afraid of losing money on unnecessary issues, and will no longer worry about spending more than the expected amount for the month!

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