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Extra Extra: Adams says you never know if you’ll wake up to another 9/11, that’s just NYC

It’s Monday afternoon in New York City, where the mayor was likely aware that everyone would get upset about proposed library budget cuts.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • “New York. This is a place where every day you wake up you could experience everything from a plane crashing into our Trade Center through a person who’s celebrating a new business that’s open. This is a very, very complicated city, and that’s why it’s the greatest city on the globe,” Mayor Eric Adams said while discussing another year in New York City.
  • For more Adams quotes, along with an exhaustive and very-fun-to-look-at chart of all his friends, head over to Hell Gate’s “The Eric Adams Table of Success.”
  • More and more, real estate agents are listing apartments as “penthouses” when they’re simply the top-floor unit in a four-story walk-up.
  • The NYPD is booting reporters from the grungy press room they’ve long occupied inside One Police Plaza and moving them to a (nicer?) trailer outside the building.
  • If you were a professional baseball player with a beard, would you say no to the Yankees — and their money — in order to keep your facial hair?
  • Former U.S. Rep. George Santos is cautioning people not to believe the “fiction” being told in the HBO biopic about him.
  • Flaco, you rascal, stop peeping in people’s windows!
  • Zoomers just want to lay in bed and record a podcast.
  • And finally, it’s almost vacation:

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