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Extra Extra: Judge says mobsters these days are built different (i.e., less dangerous)

It’s Wednesday afternoon in New York City, where there are so many fun things to do with out-of-town guests!

Here’s what else is happening:

  • THE CITY reminds us NYC’s operating budget will technically increase next year, but people often refer to certain budget changes as “cuts” because the figures are smaller than initially expected.
  • Three years after mutual aid groups set up free community refrigerators across the city, many are either empty or no longer in service.
  • People close to Andrew Cuomo, who recently commissioned a poll about himself, say he’s more likely to run for governor again than challenge Mayor Eric Adams in NYC’s 2025 mayoral race.
  • Two alleged Gambino mobsters indicted on racketeering charges earlier this month are being let out on bail just in time for Thanksgiving, after an 89-year-old judge determined “the younger generation of mafioso aren’t killing people these day.”
  • The Empire State Building is lighting up red, orange and yellow tomorrow night in honor of fall.
  • If you deep fry a turkey tomorrow, make sure you don’t burn your house down.
  • Napoleon almost retired in New Orleans.
  • Haven’t heard the word “amazeballs” in a while.
  • And finally, 6 God:

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