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Fallout Fans Want Ghouls To Be Gross Again

Earlier this week, we saw the first photos of the new Fallout TV show coming courtesy of Amazon. For the most part, it looks pretty good, with fans praising the production for its seemingly faithful recreation of things such as The Brotherhood of Steel and Vault Dwellers. We also got a first look at Walter Goggins portraying a currently unnamed Ghoul character, and he looks surprisingly dishy considering the amount of radiation he’s soaked up.



His looks have actually caused a little bit of a discussion between Fallout fans, as Twitter user Kit Kat thinks Fallout’s Ghouls have been getting “less and less gnarly” as the series has gone on. In their tweet, they also include four images of Ghouls, going from the original Fallout game, to Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and then the Fallout TV show. It’s not an unpopular sentiment either, as the tweet has racked up over 18,000 likes at the time of writing.

While most people seem to understand that most of the grossness will be lost in translation to live action for practical reasons, there are still people explaining how Fallout 4’s iteration of the Ghoul was the start of all the problems. When compared to earlier Ghoul models, you can see where they’re coming from, especially the Ghouls from the original Fallout that look like they’re being held together with scrap metal and luck.

The fourth ghoul has a cool outfit, but yeah, he’s basically just a guy with no nose.

Twitter user Innards also makes a good point by saying that making the Ghouls less hideous defeats the purpose of them entirely. A lot of Ghouls throughout the Fallout series face persecution for their looks, setting up places such as Underworld in Fallout 3 where they could live without judgment. In the same game, there’s a whole quest involving Allistair Tenpenny who doesn’t let Ghouls into his hotel because of their looks.

From what I can gather from the remaining replies, most people seem to agree that the original Fallout Ghouls were the best, while the Ghouls from Fallout 3 and New Vegas were passable. There are several people saying that Walter Goggins’ version of the Ghoul just looks like a random guy missing his nose, with others poking at Fallout 4 for “sterilizing” the aesthetic of the series. Here’s hoping there are some gnarlier Ghouls to see in the Fallout TV show to satisfy the zombie enthusiasts out there.


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