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Farm Sort Puzzle info

A refreshing twist on sorting puzzles, set on a vibrant farm and featuring adorable animals instead of simple tubes! Your task is to organize these cuddly creatures into their respective animal pens based on type and color. A single tap is all it takes to herd the animals into groups of the same species.

Imagine a color water sorting puzzle, but with a delightful array of farm animals, adding a whole new layer of fun! Each level presents a unique challenge, pushing you to strategize the best way to sort them.


– Easy Tap Control: Herding is done with just a simple tap.

– Unlimited Do-Overs: Mistakes are not an issue; you can always redo your move.

– Tons of Levels: Dive into hundreds of levels, each offering a distinct and enjoyable puzzle.

– Quick Play: The animals scurry quickly into place, ensuring a lively pace.

– Relaxing Game: Enjoy the serene farm atmosphere without the pressure of timers or rush. Play at the pace that suits you best.

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