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Fashion Closet Sort: Dress Up info

Welcome to Fashion Closet Sort: Dress Up – the ultimate game for fashion enthusiasts and organizational aficionados! Dive into the glamorous world of style as you take on the challenge of transforming a chaotic closet into a runway-ready masterpiece.


⭐ Diverse Wardrobe Challenges⭐

Immerse yourself in a world of diverse wardrobes, each presenting a unique set of clothing puzzles. From casual wear to formal attire, every level offers a fresh and exciting sorting challenge.

⭐ Virtual Closet Explorer⭐

Navigate through a visually stunning virtual closet filled with tops, bottoms, accessories, and more. Your task is to strategically arrange these items to create a harmonious and organized wardrobe.

⭐ Sorting Strategies⭐

Tackle puzzles using various sorting strategies—organize by color, style, or even season. The more efficiently you categorize, the higher your puzzle-solving score.

⭐ Dress-Up Delight⭐

Unleash your inner stylist with an extensive selection of clothing items. Mix and match outfits to create show-stopping looks, and watch as your fashion choices unlock new possibilities for both your wardrobe and room decor.

⭐ Room Decor Extravaganza⭐

Extend your creativity to designing your dream room. Choose from a variety of furniture, decor items, and themes to create a space that reflects your unique style. The better you solve puzzles and design outfits, the more decor options you unlock.


1. Drag and Drop: Use intuitive drag-and-drop controls to place clothing items in their designated spots. Exercise precision and strategy as you arrange clothes to create an aesthetically pleasing and organized closet.

2. Sort, Style, and Solve: Begin by solving clothing puzzles and strategically placing items. Your organizational prowess unlocks not only fashion options but also room decor possibilities

3. Showcase Your Creativity: Share your meticulously organized closets, stylish outfits, and beautifully decorated rooms with friends. Compete for the title of the ultimate fashion and design maven in the virtual fashion community.

Get ready to unravel the fashion chaos and put your sorting skills to the test!

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