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FEU Tech ACM-X info

The FEU Tech ACM official cross-platform application, ACM-X, marks a significant technological advancement for the organization, revolutionizing every ACM member, officer, and FIT CS student’s engagement and interaction. The development of the application will not only streamline our internal communications but also open up new avenues for collaboration and promotion with internal and external organizations and companies globally.

Featuring your most requested features:

– real-time registration

– live certificate viewing

– real-time messaging

– event notifications

– organization news feeds

– project dashboards

– and many more!

This project will be continuously developed and updated throughout the entire academic year of 2023-2024 by the project heads and requesting collaborators. The application will be actively maintained by current and succeeding webmasters for future use by every member and officer of the organization.

Main Objective: To revolutionize engagement and interaction among FEU Tech ACM members, officers, and CS students through developing a dynamic, feature-rich, cross-platform application that fosters collaboration and promotion with internal and external organizations globally.

Specific Objectives:

1. To drive active member involvement by providing a convenient channel for students to stay informed and participate in organization activities.

2. To provide a dedicated and centralized platform for project management among organization officers.

3. To promote collaboration and partnerships between internal and external organizations and companies.

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