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Tired of generic, 3×10 programmes. Looking for a real mental & physical challenge?!

I’m Fitness Frase, Ex Royal Marines Commando & I don’t just focus on the Physical & Nutritional, I focus on the mental.

Discipline Tackling & seeking adversity Forging an unbreakable Mindset The psychological

This isn’t basic programming, it’s books to read, podcasts to listen to, extreme reps in combination with lower strength & power training, mobility & flexibility.

Of course I can tailor to your specific needs, just be in no doubt this will be different.

I know endurance, I know olympic lifts, gymnastics, calisthenics, CrossFit, I know Mental Health, I know adversity & limits of the mind & body.

I want to lead you, working side by side to wherever you want to go.

Be unrealistic and set your dreams & goals high! This is for anyone who knows deep down there’s something more inside of them.

Are you ready?

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