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Forklift Truck Factory Game info

Players must complete missions by picking up goods from the warehouse, loading them onto forklift trucks and transporting them safely on the designated route. Missions vary in complexity and difficulty, thus testing players’ skills at every level.

Different Vehicles: In addition to forklifts, players can use trucks of different tonnages and other cargo transport vehicles. Each vehicle has its own characteristics and driving behaviors, making the gaming experience more realistic.

Challenging Obstacles: Players will have to deal with various obstacles that they may encounter in environments such as a warehouse or industrial area. Difficulties such as narrow passages, obstacle areas or interacting with other forklifts will test players’ attention and agility skills.

Realistic Physics: The game simulates the reaction data of forklifts and trucks as in the real world, thanks to its realistic physics engine. This provides a more demanding experience that requires moving loads evenly and maintaining the stability of the vehicles.

Upgradeable Skills: As players successfully complete missions and do good work, they will gain experience and improve their forklift operating skills. These capabilities may include elements such as faster loading, better maneuverability or higher payload.

Realistic Graphics: The game offers quality graphics that will immerse players by designing industrial areas and warehouses in a vivid and detailed way.

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