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Fortnite Festival Will Get Instrument Controller Support In 2024

Fortnite Festival is a lot like Rock Band – probably because the game mode was developed by Rock Band studio, Harmonix. So, naturally, it feels like we should be able to use any of the instrument controllers we have lying around to play through the game mode, something Harmonix is well aware of.



As spotted by Eurogamer, Harmonix admits that instrument controllers aren’t supported in Fortnite Festival right now, but it might not stay that way forever. In the blog post announcing Fortnite Festival, Harmonix says that getting instrument controllers to work will be a “priority for the team”, and is “currently under development”.


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Harmonix doesn’t give us a time frame for when we can expect this support to be added, but it does tell fans that it will have “more to share in 2024”. So don’t expect the update to come anytime this month.

But as we enter the new year, dig out your old Rock Band controller sets from back in the day, because they’re finally useful again. It also means we basically have another Rock Band, which isn’t bad going. You can play it now, but you’ll have to either use a controller or a keyboard because it won’t pick up the instruments just yet.

Thankfully, Fortnite Festival isn’t a limited-time event and will stick around for the foreseeable future, so we should have plenty of time to use the Rock Band controllers once support is added. The same is true for Rocket Racing and Lego Fortnite, with Epic recently reassuring fans that not only will they not disappear, they’ll also receive “regular updates.”

Fortnite fans certainly aren’t hurting for things to get up to right now. Alongside these new modes, the latest update introduced a bunch of new skins – including a ridiculous crossover with Family Guy, of all things. No IP is off the table anymore, it seems, so expectations will be high as we enter a new year with new crossover opportunities. We do know that Fortnite: OG will return, though, so it won’t just be about the new skins.


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