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Fortnite Gets Peter Griffin, Petercopter, And Other Ridiculous References

As you are no doubt aware, Peter Griffin is officially in Fortnite. After years of jokes about the very thought of him getting his own skin, it’s become a reality. Which of course means there’s also a bunch of Family Guy references in Fortnite now, added alongside Peter and the other new crossovers.



Fans were quick to dive into the game – if they could with the long wait times – to find all the jokes, and here they are. Whether it’s taking off in the Petercopter or doing that Surfin’ Bird dance, there’s no shortage of inside jokes here. Epic certainly hasn’t toned down on the absurdity.

There are, of course, different skin variants too, so it isn’t just Peter in his typical outfit. These have already been compiled by fans who have managed to get into Fortnite since the news broke.

Perhaps most impressive is the new Back Bling. Peter’s one is called Clip Show Carry-All, and as the name suggests, it actually shows a range of Family Guy cutaways on its screen. This leaked back in February 2021, so this crossover has clearly been in the works for some time, for whatever reason. It certainly seems that Fortnite leaks are reliable, even if they don’t immediately prove to be true.

Of course, this is far from the only crossover to come to Fortnite this weekend. As we covered yesterday, there’s a huge focus on Lego right now, with a new game mode on the way. It’s also said that we’ll get game modes based on Rocket League and Rock Band, so this is certainly an ambitious season. For now, we have a staggering 1,200 Lego variant skins based on the Fortnite cast, all of which can use previously existing Fortnite dances. That’s a lot of animation work to undertake for a crossover.

In fact, it’s so much to add to the game that servers are still down, having been taken offline yesterday. Everything is under maintenance now, as the Chapter 5, Season 1 event update goes live. We can expect the game to go back up sometime soon though, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.


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